Empowering Global Citizens

How do we help students work effectively with others from diverse cultural backgrounds? How do we help them understand the world? How do we prepare them for work and life in an era of globalization, volatility, and uncertainty? Our focus on global education offers  compelling answers to those questions. Each year our learning culminates with educational service projects and a global citizen fair.

VCSI English classes are built around primary source material. Our emphasis will be on reading and comprehension skills which will support a student’s ability to articulate and write concepts not only in English class, but across their instruction. We will review notable Christian philosophers and authors. In addition, there will be works that challenge us to think and reflect on our assumptions and given understandings. Students will strengthen fundamental basic skill sets in the middle school, and expand with a global perspective, 21st century skill set in the high school. The English learner will then be prepared for college requirements during their AP Literature class and AP Language class for 11th and 12th graders.

We carefully assess and assign students to the math class that aligns best with their abilities, ensuring that the placement is tailored to their individual needs rather than solely based on grade level. To prepare students for the challenges of Pre-Algebra, we utilize Revel Math workbooks, a comprehensive resource that serves as a bridge between elementary-level Bridges math and more advanced concepts.

As students progress through the Pre-Algebra to Algebra 2 sequence, we transition to the acclaimed McGraw-Hill Mathematics series. Renowned for its focus on mathematical logic and reasoning, this series lays a solid foundation for further mathematical exploration. For students undertaking Pre-Calculus and Calculus, we turn to college-level texts authored by Michael Sullivan, a globally recognized and esteemed math book writer.

Our math sequence aims to provide a thorough and progressive learning experience, culminating in the opportunity for students to enroll in advanced courses such as AP Calculus or AP Statistics. This progression is designed to challenge and equip students with the skills and knowledge needed for success in higher-level mathematics.

Our science curriculum is designed to enhance students’ understanding of the world, incorporating a Christian perspective throughout. VCSI employs the top science curriculum from Holt-McDougal, ensuring a great educational experience. We place a significant emphasis on hands-on learning, integrating a global perspective to enrich students’ scientific knowledge. Field trips are an integral part of our program, providing students with the opportunity to connect their learning to real-world concepts.

At the middle school level, students can plan on learning hands-on. Our middle school students all participate in a hands-on STEM course each year in addition to their main science class. This STEM class culminates in participation in an online science fair where they can win prizes. Students in the 6th grade go to George Fox University to participate in a virtual dissection lab. All their science work culminates in the Final field tip of middle school cardboard boats. Students in the 8th grade, prototype, build, and create cardboard boats large enough for students to race across Hagg Lake. This event is a great send-off for our students.

As students progress to the high school level, they can take advantage of numerous opportunities to earn dual-college credit through our science classes. Currently, we offer college credit courses in Anatomy, AP Physics, AP Psychology, Chemistry, and Environmental Science. Our unique Engineer Your World Science class, accredited by the University of Texas, equips students with the critical thinking skills required by engineers to solve real-world problems. Not only do these projects align with our global education emphasis, but they also provide students with the chance to earn valuable college credits. We are dedicated to providing a comprehensive and enriching science education that prepares students for both academic success and real-world applications.

History should be a foundational topic for any school and for most a western perspective is offered. At Valor, we will seek to look through history with an unfiltered global perspective. Students will be introduced to Ancient Civilizations, Western Civilizations and United States history in the middle school. In the high school, we will build on these foundations with Geography through our global educational missions, Western Civilizations, and United States Government. The history strand will culminate in Advanced US History and Advanced Government.

Our Bible classes will be the foundation of our learning. These classes will incorporate servant leadership, being a person on mission, and discovering purpose in Christ. Our missions curriculum equips students with the essential skill set of global leadership. In middle school, VCSI emphasizes deeper knowledge and understanding biblical content and context, biblical history, surrounding the time of Christ. In high school we will unpack and discover topics together like The Life of ChristScripture and CanonThe Book of Hebrews, and more. All of our Bible classes will incorporate our global missions’ emphasis.

Spanish 1

Students are provided an opportunity to immerse  in both the spanish language as well as cultural heritage of the hispanic community. Students will demonstrate understanding of basic and useful Spanish vocabulary, present tense verb conjugation, as well as,  cultural and historical background that makes the language so dynamic. The class will culminate with numerous opportunities to engage in communication in bilingual and spanish only conversations, as well as, student demonstration of written vocabulary. At the conclusion of your course you will be well on your way to becoming a true hispanohablante!

Spanish 2

In Spanish 2 we get to build on the foundation learning acquired through Spanish 1. Over the course of the year we will work to expand our vocabularies, learn how to speak in the past tense, and become more adept with the fluent expression of our own ideas. Along the way we will make the world our classroom, and engage with high school students in the Spanish city of Salamanca as pen pals, practicing our written Spanish, and learning about similarities and differences between each of our cultures.

High School Physical Education

Physical Education at the High School level is required for one year, and is an elective for additional years. We will incorporate various professionals into our physical education class. Some opportunities students will participate in will be Cross Fit, Tae Kwon Do, etc. We will build on team and individual sports. In addition, students will engage in Circle of Champions, and weight lifting. At the end of each unit students will be given written assessments or oral assessments to demonstrate proficiency.


Advanced PE

Advanced physical education class will be for upper class students only. Students will use weight room facilities to learn about proper techniques and form. Student will work a variety of body areas through different individual programs. Requirements: Must be 16 years old.



One year of Health is required at the High School level. Students will gain understanding about the different systems in the body, personal hygiene, nutrition, fitness, drugs and alcohol. All topics will be presented from a Biblical worldview and parents will be notified in advance when sensitive units are being taught with an outline or overview of how it is being presented. The Health class will prepare students to better understand nutrition and how food choices affect their development and growth. Students will investigate disease pathways, environmental hazards, and some first aid.



Our yearbook team will be a fun focused group of students which will be responsible for taking the photos and organizing our school’s yearbook. Students will develop their graphic design skills and photography abilities. This class will be responsible for putting together the memories for the whole school. Students will develop leadership and art skills.


High School Mock Trials

Students will be introduced to the National Mock Trials Competition as part of the Classroom Law Project. Students will explore the appellate court system. Students will then prepare for court procedure by researching facts and legal arguments. Students will assume the roles of attorneys and witnesses in a fictional criminal or civil trial and will go through a complete procedure in a real courtroom with a real judge. Students will develop public speaking skills and efficient critical thinking skills to create compelling dialogues. Requirements: Instructor Approval


High School Science Team

Our competitive science team competes in several different competitions including E-Cybermission, MATE-Underwater Robotics, Envirothon, and LEAF. E-cybermission:  Students participate in an online science and engineering fair.  Students complete the task at school and submit a write-up for the national competition where they can win individual saving bonds.  MATE:  Students collaborate as teams to create an underwater robot. Each team will participate in the MATE competition to complete assigned robotic tasks. Students will work on programming, marketing, speaking, and graphic design skills. LEAF: Students  build a light-weight electric plane to contend for which plane can carry the most weight with the lightest frame. This fun competition happens in December in Seattle. Students will collaborate as a team while acquiring valuable tool skills and science concepts.  Envirothon: The Oregon Envirothon is an exciting, fun way for high school-aged students to learn about the environment through hands-on field experiences that demonstrate knowledge of natural resources.


Student Government

Our student government is formed of students selected by their peers to support student activities and school culture throughout the school year. Students will meet weekly as part of the leadership team to create and support student activities and cultivate student culture which is reflective of the school mission. Elections will be held yearly for these positions. Requirements: Elections


High School Internship Program

Our high school internship program will be open to students following the completion of their sophomore year. As students start the process of looking into colleges and plans beyond high school, having an opportunity to learn skills and apply classroom knowledge is a vital foundational piece. An internship is an opportunity to apply what you as a student have learned in the classroom to a professional setting. Most junior students will elect to do an internship over the summer, but there are opportunities for internships during the academic year for those students who can fit it into their schedule. Students can participate in a formal internship program through an organization or create their own internship experience with the help of an advisor. To receive high school credit internship classes must be set-up prior to the start of the internship and will require additional documentation. Requirements: Instructor Approval


High School Music Performance

Students will engage in intermediate music theory and performance. Students will discover and explore introductory concepts used in music sequencing, notation and recording. No prior musical experience is needed. However, prior training on an instrument or voice is helpful.This is an instructional class in the development of lifelong performance skills. The class provides a unique opportunity to participate with other students in concerts throughout the year. The class provides useful instruction in vocal technique. Class diction, tone quality, and interpretation of the music are stressed. Students will have an opportunity to play a musical instrument or participate in a vocal performance.


High School Worship Band

This morning class will be perform weekly as the worship band for our secondary chapels. Students will develop their performance skills and then use them as worship leaders during chapel. This class will provide a Godly foundation in performance and the worship arts.